Theatrical release reviews

Some new press from our August 2021 theatrical release: THE NEW YORK TIMES (Devika Girish) “A dazzling time capsule of the nation’s political and cultural history.” FILM AND TV NOW (John Higgins) “One of the most stunning documentaries of recent years, a film that is designed and destined to educate above and beyond its intent.” … Continue reading Theatrical release reviews

U.S Theatrical Release starting August 6

What We Left Unfinished will have a US theatrical release, coming to theaters in LA, NYC, PHD, Berkeley, Santa Monica, Corvallis, Brattleboro, Montclair and Seattle! There will be Q&As with director Mariam Ghani and executive producer Alysia Nahmias at selected screenings. More details here and the Dekanalog website August 5, 2021 LIVE EVENT Laemmle Playhouse   … Continue reading U.S Theatrical Release starting August 6

Spring 2020 reviews

April brought us a very thoughtful review by Alexander Miller for Film Inquiry. Some highlights: Ghani’s film is powered by the curious and fraught relationship tha can exist between oppression and art, the pursuit of the creative endeavor against intellectual suppression and, of course, the subversive and complex role of propaganda and film. Admittedly, the … Continue reading Spring 2020 reviews

January press

A great review from Jeff Rouner in the Houston Chronicle: These were movies made purely because Afghanistan wanted them to exist and spread information about who they were. There is something so pure and beautiful in that, and if nothing else, “What We Left Unfinished” is a soaring testament to what movies can mean to … Continue reading January press

Best of 2019 lists

So, we’re on Film Comment’s Best Undistributed Films of 2019 list – the “Congratulations, you made a cult film!” of year-end lists — and also the Asian Movie Pulse Best Asian Documentaries of 2019 list. Thank you to all who voted! And we’re happy to announce that in 2020, Good Docs will be distributing the … Continue reading Best of 2019 lists

Fall 2019 news + press

We won the Best Documentary – Speaking Truth to Power Award at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival in November, and the Critics Choice Award at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in Arkansas in October. Thank you to both juries! Also, thanks to David Hudson at the Criterion Daily for highlighting What We Left … Continue reading Fall 2019 news + press